Philosophy & Process

San Francisco Bay Area videographer Mike Libunao’s philosophy and process to video production.

  1. I take the work seriously, but not myself

  2. Preparation is everything

  3. Nothing goes 100% according to plan so adaptation is key


The first step is to diagnose the situation to get to the root of the problem. Is the essence of your brand clearly defined? What are the pain-points that your customers are experiencing? What about your sales & marketing team? Going through this diagnostic process ensures that the video has more impact and shelf-life because it’s part of a cohesive strategy targeted at specific goals, as opposed to existing in a vacuum.


Once the strategy has been clearly defined the next step is the treatment. The treatment expresses the vision of the video at a high level covering:

  • a basic outline for the story

  • samples of the visual style/tone intended for the video

  • samples of suggested typography, motion graphics, and animations

  • samples of camera movements

  • casting guidelines


Now that the strategy, and high-level vision is in place it’s time to develop the script. I can write it from scratch or refine an existing script so that it’s in-line with the developed strategy, and translates well to video.


Pre-production is EVERYTHING when it comes to the success of a video production, and a vital part of pre-production is the shot list.

Having the entire video visualized in my mind before we ever shoot one shot ensures a smooth production, and post-production process.

Storyboards are implemented for scenes that involve more complex visual effects or action.

Strategy, vision, and shot list in-hand it’s time to set up the lights, get the camera and actors in position, and make some magic happen. Whether on location or in a studio I always approach a shoot with the same mindset:

  1. The right gear, and the right crew for the project

  2. Have fun!



Now it’s time to bring the fruits of all the hard labor from the previous phases, and turn it into a visual story. Editing, color grading, audio mixing, motion graphics, visual effects…all are seamlessly woven together to create an impactful video ready for viewing on screens of all sizes.