About + Reel


I make videos that are upbeat, and uplifting for brands that need to tell their story for the first time, or want to reframe it. 


Witchcraft and voodoo magic, but when that doesn’t work I rely on my skills in directing, cinematography, editing, and motion graphics. I’m a bit of a unicorn when it comes to my skill set, but as much as possible I reach into my network of fellow creatives to make any project scope achievable. As they say, it takes a village. And it takes a Village People to make the YMCA.


I generally do videos in the $15k - $5k range.


Q: What kind of Asian are you? Chinese? Japanese? Korean? I just can’t tell by looking at you.

A: I’m Filipino, though no one ever thinks so right off-the-bat, so I can empathize.

Q: Can you write the script, or do we need to provide you with one?

A: We can go both ways. I can craft a story for you so that it expresses your brand, and message the way you want it, or I can refine your idea for you so that it works well as a video.

Q: Why do people people decide to go with you over other options?

A: Generally the clients I tend to attract are the ones looking for someone who will take the time and effort to understand the essence of their brand, and their current pain-points before moving on to the artistic vision, and execution. Not just a hired gun. Beyond that there’s probably a bit of personality-fit, and luck.

Q: I have $500. Can you do a video for me? I promise you it’ll be great exposure, and if you do a good job there’ll be more work to come!

A: Sorry, but I’m not your man. There are plenty of students or new graduates who are likely willing to work under those circumstances. I recommend posting on Craigslist under “Gigs Offered”. You should receive a good amount of replies. Best of luck!

Q: Do you do collaborations?

A: Yes, though it depends on the project. Hit me up, and tell me about your project, and we’ll see.

Q: Is your name John? What about Steve?

A: My name is Mike, though I do get that a lot. Whoever John and Steve are they must be good looking son-of-a-bitches.